Build machine learning powered applications without a data scientist

Telepath is the world's most developer-friendly machine learning platform. Build custom models and deploy real-time prediction APIs in minutes, no AI/ML experience necessary.

Automated machine learning platform

Machine Learning Platform for Developers

Build ML models without learning any new math or languages

Telepath was built for developers, not data scientists. You can clean data, train custom models, and launch real-time prediction APIs, all in your preferred programming language.

Machine Learning for Node Node.jsMachine Learning in TypescriptLearning Python Machine Learning & more...

Integrate machine learning into any application via API

Start using machine learning immediately with Telepath's prediction APIs. Simply upload your data and tell us what you want to predict. We'll auto-generate a customized API for making real-time predictions directly from your application.

The fastest way to train, test, and deploy machine learning models

Build, test, and launch AI/ML models in minutes.

  • Intuitive end-to-end data preparation process
  • Automatic model/algorithm generation
  • Production-ready serverless hosting provided

Deploy to production on a fully-managed serverless platform

Deploy scalable production-ready prediction APIs without managing any servers. Telepath is a fully-hosted and managed serverless backend.

Zero dev-ops Pay-per-use pricing

Request Early Access

We're working with a handful of developers in a private beta. If you'd like to start using machine learning in your product, please reach out.

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