Machine Learning for non-Data Scientists

Fully managed predictive model design and hosting for software developers who don't have data science backgrounds.

Build AI-powered products without a data scientist

The learning curve for machine learning is way too steep. As a result, non-data scientist developers avoid building products that depend on machine learning algorithms. Telepath is changing all of that.

Example: Build a Churn-Detection Tool

Let's assume that you want to build a churn-detection feature for your SaaS startup (or maybe you want to build a tool to sell to other startups). Here's how Telepath can help!

Gather the data that you have about your user activity, such as page views, button clicks, feature interactions - the same kind of events that you'd send to Segment or Mixpanel.

Once you upload your data, we'll ask you some questions: What's an unusually low and high value for "Column ______?" "Are the values of Column ____ strings or numbers?" "Which column are you trying to predict (which column represents when a user has churned?)"

The Telepath AI platform runs your data through a long list of machine learning processes to determine the most predictive type of process and algorithm to use for your project (i.e. is this a linear regression problem? a neural network?). This process is sometimes called "automatic machine learning" or Auto ML.

We deploy a production-ready model into the cloud and give you an API endpoint to generate your predictions. The whole thing is fully-managed for you.

Now you're ready to use your model to make predictions. When a user generates new activity (clicks on another button, uses a feature, etc) you send that data to your Telepath API and instantly get back a prediction on how likely that user is to churn. Whenever a user does churn, you also send us that data, and we constantly re-train the model to improve its accuracy.

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Built With Launchaco